Rotpunkt Pharma // Website

An immense project and a year in the making. The approach for Daynes Creative was to digitalise the brand in a way that will re-create its online identity for years to come and solidify Rotpunkt Apotheken as one of the Pharmacy leaders in Switzerland. 

The Strategy

Differentiation in a competitive marketplace was key to the Brand Strategy.


From the Strategy a Digital Concept was formed. From this Concept every touchpoint within the website was reviewed, reinvented and optimised. Optimisation had to occur both internally, within Rotpunkt's HQ itself and externally, the digital online solution.

Body Check Filter 

A completely unique experience in the Pharmaceutical website arena. We wanted to create a filter whereby a user who is sick or feeling ill can come on to the website and use this filter using hotspots on the human body to select where their pain or uncomforted is being felt.

The first point of call in an online environment to educate the user and then push them for to enter a Rotpunkt Pharmacy near them for real professional care.  

Four Powerful Hubs

Rotpunkt is made up of 105 Affiliate Pharmacies. Therefor alot of content was being duplicated and mimicked in different ways. Four powerful Hubs conceptualised to keep all information under one governing body.

The Services Hub gave the user the option to select the Services and the location and they will be shown all the services available at the different Rotpunkt Pharmacies.

Second was the Health Tip Hub, this centralised Masonry Grid puts all the different Health-Tipps at the users fingertips quickly and efficiently.

Third Hub is that of the Pharmacy Hub. Here the user can search for Pharmacies within their geo-location OR override the default and search in other areas too. 

Fourth Hub is a centralised Jobs Hub, whereby potential employees can seek whatever jobs are available within the Rotpunkt Pharma group and its 105 affiliates.

Brand World & Iconography

A Website is as good as its content and its imagery. This is the benchmark.

Illustration modern, clean and emotive Illustrations were  to cater for all the Services and Health-Tip imagery. 

Photography is still utilised however a chosen Stock Library image grading and style was defined by Christian Bobst to compliment the Illustrations of Ryan Daynes. 

The Iconography was also a major asset to the website and an icon library was crafted and chosen to compliment the user experience and boost the design aesthetic of the UI. 


Client: Rotpunkt Pharma
Creative Director: Ryan Daynes
UI / UX Designer: Ryan Daynes
Illustrator: Ryan Daynes
Development: GSDH