Dr. Andres Apotheke Stadelhofen Website

Dr.Andres is a renown Swiss family business surpassing generations that has built up a wholesome reputation as being a leader in naturopathy and homeopathic plant-based medicine and health care made on location in Stadelhofen under the watchful eye of Dr. Rudolf Andres.

Dr. Andres approached Daynes Digital to design and develop their new website showcasing the Brands identity and vision.



Daynes Digital set out to completely reimagine their brand from a digital perspective.
An engaging website that pushed the message of hand-crafted, natural medicine with impeccable customer service was established. 

The concept was simple. To create a modular site that not only brought the main differentiating factors of Apotheke Stadelhofen to light in a fresh and original way. 



First and foremost was to create a solid wireframe and site architecture for the project then look closely at the content and how we bring the relevant content into focus in the first 60 seconds. 

The focus for this project was to focus on the incredible herbal pages and health tips with links to their house speciality medicines catering to most common ailments. 

Ten colour ways created from a pastel fresh colour palette were chosen. Each page has its own colour style and can be edited in the backend. 


Medicinal Plant & Health Tip Hubs

The Medicinal Plant and Health Tip hubs were a big focus for the client and the user alike. A unique word cloud navigation was conceptualised and developed. his modern form of navigation, encourages the user to spontaneously read more about topics they may never have though about.  This coupled with a slick and clean filter provides a powerful way to navigate through the 60 plus pages of content at will. 


Packaging Redesign & 3D Renders

Dr. Andres prides itself on their handmade natural medicinal products and we set about
to showcase this. Firstly all the labels were redesigned using the Illustrative style created as a design element.

Then these were placed into 3D renders  of the packshots to provide a modern fresh and clean result, not possible with photography. 

See project here >>


 Hand Drawn Illustrations 

All the illustrations were hand-drawn and illustrated by Ryan, owner of Daynes Digital and hand-crafted into a image world that makes the site bounce with authenticity and sets it apart form the rest of the competition both in Switzerland, Europe and the world.

See project here >>


All these elements create the alchemy that is this clean and fully responsive site, giving users a seamless user-experience and one that instills the same emotion as visiting the actual pharmacy in central Zürich.